Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Zen 4, CDNA 3 and HBM memory: will AMD’s first exascale APU arrive next year?

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For the accelerator series Instinct MI300, AMD would have several projects in the pipeline to meet the needs of datacenter and HPC customers. Not only an MCM accelerator based on a greater number of GPUs (CDNA 3) than current solutions of the MI200 series, but also an APU equipped with Zen 4 cores, CDNA 3 GPU and HBM memory.

The new solution should be part of the Instinct MI300 e family could represent AMD’s first “exascale APU”a project that the engineers conceived many years ago and whose development has continued under the name of Exascale Heterogeneous Processor (EHP).

According to the youtuber AdoredTV, the time would now be ripe for the first Instinct APU, a solution that according to rumors could host on a single package in addition to the Zen 4 cores and the CDNA 3 GPU also the necessary HBM memory to create an unprecedented APU.

The new solution should be compatible with a new socket that the rumors call SH5 and could represent, in a sense, an opponent of “Grace Hopper Superchip”, the board equipped with an ARM CPU and a Hopper GPU announced by NVIDIA last year and arriving in 2023.

AMD’s project could therefore be more integrated and, according to the rumor, the first chips should land in the company’s labs for the first tests during the third quarter. The debut could therefore take place next year.


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