Friday, December 2, 2022
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Zelensky and Putin invited to G20 meeting

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The president of Indonesia , Joko Widodo , reported yesterday that he invited the Ukrainian leader Volodimir Zelenski to the G20 summit to be held on November 15 and 16 in Bali, to which Vladimir Putin confirmed his participation.

“I invited President Zelensky to participate in the G20 summit,” the Indonesian leader declared, suggesting that he had found himself in a compromise after Western pressure to exclude Russia from the group in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.

But Jakarta justified that his position forced him to be “impartial”. The US president, Joe Biden, then suggested the participation of Ukraine to have a balance.

Zelensky tweeted Wednesday that he was invited. Widodo spoke with the Russian leader on Thursday; He “said he would participate,” he stated.

But Washington yesterday criticized Putin ‘s presence at the Bali Summit. “You can’t pretend nothing is happening about Russia ‘s involvement, ” State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter said.

On the battlefield, Russia yesterday confirmed the attack on Kiev on Thursday during the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres . The Russian Defense Ministry said it launched a “long-range, high-precision” airstrike on the workshops of the Artyom missile and space company.

The first bombardment of the capital since mid-April came after Guterres visited Bucha, where dozens of bodies were found earlier in the month after Russian troops withdrew.


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