Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Zelensky accuses Russia of genocide of Ukrainian indigenous peoples

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  • The president of Ukraine considers that the mobilizations and recruitment that Russia is launching in the separatist cities lead these men to physical extermination

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, launched this Sunday night accusations of genocide against Russia, attributing the intention to “physically exterminate” the indigenous people of the occupied territories in which he has launched the recruitment of reservists.

“Russia uses criminal mobilization not only to prolong the suffering of people in Ukraine and further destabilize the world, but also to physically exterminate men, representatives of indigenous peoples who live in the territories controlled until now, temporarily, by the Russian Federation,” he said.

In his usual evening speech, Zelensky assured that the situation in the occupied Crimea is “catastrophic”.

“The information about the Crimean Tatar people is fully confirmed: most of the mobilization letters are delivered there specifically to qırımlılar,” he added.

Russian genocide policy

According to Zelensky, “this is another element of Russia’s policy of genocide, another reason for the immediate and harsh reaction of the whole world. And the same thing is happening on the territory of Russia itself,” he assured.

“This is a deliberate imperial policy. This is a blow to the peoples of, for example, Dagestan and the entire Caucasus, to the indigenous peoples of Siberia and other territories,” according to Zelensky.

The President of Ukraine addressed the Russians again, to whom after treating them as “comrades”, he has assured them: if you come to kill you will not come out alive.

“If you come to take our children’s lives – I will tell you as a father – we will not let you go alive,” he told them this Sunday in Russian in his usual nightly speech.

Zelensky has once again insisted that those mobilized by Russia have several options: avoid mobilization, flee or surrender to the Ukrainians at the first opportunity.


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