Xcloud Makes It Possible to Play Xbox Series X Games Without a Series X

Xcloud Makes It Possible to Play Xbox Series X Games Without a Series X

Microsoft has updated the servers of xCloud with the Game Pass catalog. We can now play the catalog using the loading times and graphics parameters for Xbox Series X, instead of the old Xbox One S.

Microsoft pushes its xCloud cloud gaming service one more step. The first version of xCloud was released last year on Android devices. We can tell you that the experience was excellent, with the exception of some genres that were resistant.

They launched a closed beta this year, which required invitations to join the service on iOS (iPhone+ iPad) and PC/Mac. We found the experience the same as it was a few months ago on Android.

This is a very interesting service, which allows you to play hundreds of Xbox games without a Microsoft console. The servers were Xbox One S, which were stacked in large rooms, and the result was slow loading graphics. So far.

Redmond has fulfilled their promise, and the xCloud servers have been updated to Xbox Series X modified. They have notified their customers through their website. The new servers are SSD-equipped and have SATA II HDDs instead. This will allow us to play Xbox games at lower load times.

Microsoft explains that they are still testing the modified hardware and servers. To ensure the lowest latency possible, the maximum resolution we can play is 1,080p.

Although it’s not as fast as Series X, it is still a significant improvement on the 720p we were getting before now. We will also have 60 frames per second.

This is a great news for everyone who uses this service every day. In addition, Microsoft states that it continues to improve cloud experiences and game conditions.

Microsoft has also changed servers from xCloud and Series X. This means that you will be able play on both iOS and PC without needing an invitation. Just go to this website, sign up for Game Pass Ultimate and you can start enjoying.

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