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War in Ukraine, Summit Between Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers in Turkey

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On the occasion of the fifteenth day of the war in Ukraine, a meeting was held between the Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba , and the Russian foreign minister, Serghei Lavrov, who met in Turkey. How did the meeting go?

Meeting between Kuleba and Lavrov in Turkey: what really happened?

On Thursday 10 March, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov met in Antalya, Turkey. The meeting did not give the expected results and did not lead to the much hoped-for “ceasefire” to proceed with the evacuation of civilians.

At the end of the confrontation, which was not followed by a joint press conference, the Ukrainian minister shared the following tweet: “Lavrov came to Antalya to speak and not to decide. I hope he will bring Ukraine’s demands to Moscow”.

It seems, therefore, that the Russian minister has reiterated that he does not want to make concessions , demanding that Ukraine be disarmed and become neutral. At the renewed request from Moscow, Kuleba reiterated that Kiev “has not surrendered, does not surrender and will not surrender”.

Lavron, meanwhile, said that “there is no alternative” to the Russian-Ukrainian talks that are taking place in Belarus and accused Kiev of not engaging in negotiations, preferring to continue to ask for a direct meeting between presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. In this regard, the Russian minister specified that the Kremlin leader “is not opposed” to organizing the meeting but “specific” issues must be present on the table that at the moment have not yet been outlined.

Both ministers, however, reiterated their determination to seek a solution to the conflict.

The meeting between ministers Kuleba and Lavrov took place in a climate of international indignation following the missile raid that led to the destruction of a pediatric hospital located in Mariupol. Regarding the confrontation that took place, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister had reported that he was determined to obtain an agreement on a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol but then stated that “unfortunately, Minister Lavrov was unable to commit”.

According to reports from the head of diplomacy in Moscow, the children’s hospital was attacked as it was used as a ” military base for the nationalists” of the Azov battalion. In addition, he lashed out at the countries of the European Union and the United States accusing them of a “dangerous” attitude for their decision to supply arms to Kiev.

Finally, to the journalists he met at the end of the summit who asked him what the Kremlin’s future war plans will be, Foreign Minister Lavrov replied: “We have no intention of attacking other countries. We have not attacked Ukraine either. President Putin launched the special operation on February 24 because the situation in Ukraine represented a direct threat to the Russian Federation”.


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