Sunday, June 26, 2022
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United Kingdom: Labor will ask municipalities to vote on new tax on energy companies

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The British Labor Party will ask the House of Commons tomorrow to vote in favor of introducing a tax on oil and energy companies: this measure will serve as a contribution to addressing the crisis caused by inflation. This is what the shadow minister for climate change, Ed Miliband, told the British broadcaster “BBC”.

According to Miliband, it is “unacceptable that the government has refused to introduce this measure” until now. Meanwhile, Energy and Economic Affairs Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said it would be wrong to choose to tax energy companies, as this would discourage foreign business investment in the UK. Opposition parties in recent weeks have repeatedly pitched the idea of ​​a tax on record profits of oil and gas companies caused by rising energy supply prices, saying these funds could be used to help the most affected sections of the population. from the effects of the increase in the cost of living.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said the government should have considered the proposal if the investments weren’t enough.


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