Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Two policemen are shot in a shooting in northern Puerto Rico

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Two police officers were wounded by gunshots this Wednesday during an exchange of fire with three individuals in a pursuit in Toa Baja, a municipality on the north coast of Puerto Rico, the Police reported.

The injured officers, who have not been identified by local authorities, were on their way to attend to an arrest warrant in the area, when they were alerted to a murder attempt near a chain of pharmacies in the area.

After spotting the suspects and proceeding to intervene, they fired shots at the officers.

However, two of the three attackers were arrested by agents of the Police Bureau.

Authorities are investigating whether a person found injured in a nearby area is related to the same incident.

The events were reported on Highway 165 in the Candelaria neighborhood of Toa Baja.

A helicopter of the United Forces of Rapid Action of the Police flies over the area in search of the third attacker.

This is the second incident in as many days in which a group of people shot at members of the Puerto Rico Police.

On Tuesday, four men were arrested after leading a chase with the Police and then shooting them on the Route 66 highway en route from Carolina to San Juan. One of the detainees was wounded by a bullet.


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