Monday, September 26, 2022
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Thousands of Ukrainian refugees refuse to give up their pets

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Among the approximately three million people who have already fled the war in Ukraine, many refugees have decided to bring their pets with them, which has sparked a surge of solidarity in Poland.

Krakow train station is crowded, Ukrainian refugees arrive from the border and wait for a train to another destination. Sitting in the middle of packages and suitcases, some hold on their knees, their dog or their cat that they brought back with them from Ukraine. 

We had no one to leave our dog with, so we took him,” explains Irina, accompanied by her two teenagers, who is keeping  Archie, her bulldog, on a leash, whom she would not have abandoned for the world.  us, he’s a member of the family, we couldn’t abandon him.

In the station, volunteers distribute sandwiches to refugees or SIM cards to make phone calls. But a stand attracts attention. It is dedicated entirely to pets and there are crowds. Which leaves Bartosz, a volunteer, a little perplexed.

These are donations, food for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, there are toys, everything the animals need. I did not imagine that when I came to offer my help to the refugees, and I was assigned this stand,” says Bartosz, who explains that he is surprised by the number of donations.

Organizations are also mobilizing to pick up certain animals on the other side of the border, in Ukraine, in order to return them to their owners.


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