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The next step for Mario Biondo’s family after his murder was declared

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Santina D’Alessandro and Pippo Biondo have spent nine long years fighting for it to be recognized in court that the death of Mario Biondo, their son, had not been a suicide.

In Spain, the case was closed shortly after the death of the ‘Survivors’ cameraman in May 2013, when his lifeless body was found ‘hanging’ from a shelf in the dining room of his Madrid apartment.

Now and after many years of struggle in Italy, the Court of First Instance of Palermo has ruled that Mario Biondo died at the hands of third parties and, however, has closed the case.

At first it seems somewhat contradictory that if for the first time a judge decrees that there is homicide and that, for example, the blow to the head of Mario Biondo is incompatible with the thesis of suicide sentenced in Spain, close the case.

Everything has its reason, at a legal level from Italy and having spent nine years of the terrible event they have no more evidence, at least for now, that can advance the investigation and that is why, once the murder has been sentenced, the case has been filed.

Now it’s up to Santina and Pippo Biondo to continue moving the legal record in our country, which means for them to relive the pain of an investigation that the Italian justice itself has called into question due to the already proven errors in the autopsy, the contradictions of the widow, Raquel Sánchez Silva, who is directly alluded to from Palermo and countless other details that make your hair stand on end.
The judge has questioned the investigations carried out in our country and it is that there was not even a follow-up of wiretapping of Mario’s relatives or a technological record of the mobile phones around during the night of the crime. The summary states that “At the time of the discovery of the body, in the immediacy of the events, investigative activities should have been carried out (environmental and telephone interceptions) that were not carried out and that, given the time that had elapsed, could not be carried out. by the Italian judicial authorities.

Santina and Pippo will not give up and now less than ever, they want to reopen the case in Spain with this huge twist that goes from qualifying it as suicide to murder as stated in the new summary of the Public Prosecutor’s Office: “Mario Biondo was murdered at the hands of an unknown perpetrator and successively placed in a certain position to simulate a suicide”.

Mario’s parents ask the Italian State to help them promote a useful procedural initiative, through diplomatic channels, to get the case for the murder reopened, but in Spain.

Santina goes for it all in our country and, in a chat with ‘Informalia’, she does not shake her finger towards Raquel Sánchez Silva: “Stop telling lies and talk. Speech! You should be looking for my son’s killers.” From her position, I understand the rage of a mother who finally sees the verdict of her son’s death.

She in ‘ABC’ she has ruled that: “I cannot give the names of the people who were there, but what is clear is that the murderer of my son had house keys”, so the circle is reduced quite a bit.

It must be very frustrating to know that someone murdered your son and not be able to determine who because of the years that have passed and because of the dubious practice of those responsible at the time of the event. It has always caught my attention that Raquel did not lift a finger to support the family and continue investigating, she was left with the hypothesis of suicide and, never better said, case closed.


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