Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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The EU urges to put COVID booster vaccines to avoid contagion in winter

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European Union countries should start offering COVID-19 reinforcements to their populations to contain the new wave of infections expected this fall and winter, the European Commission said in a document seen by Reuters on Friday. before its official publication.

The Brussels-based European Commission said more than 2,300 people continue to die of COVID each week in the EU, while other negative health consequences of the disease include prolonged COVID symptoms and mental problems.

“The last two years have shown that the EU could face another wave of COVID-19 this autumn and winter,” the Commission said, as back-to-school and colder weather push people to stay home, which helps seasonal flu to spread as well.

“Vaccination remains the most reliable way to avoid severe disease and thus reduce mortality from COVID-19,” he said, directing the 27 EU states to prepare vaccination campaigns, including adapted vaccines. to the new variants.

“They should get going before the next wave.”

On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved updated BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderna boosters for new COVID-19 variants.

“It is essential to continue to prioritize the adoption of the first vaccine and the first booster dose among all eligible people,” said the EU’s chief health officer, Stella Kyriakides, in reaction to the EMA decision. .


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