Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Presidential 2022: Emmanuel Macron will unveil his program

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In a campaign reduced to the strict minimum due to the war in Ukraine, the president-candidate will engage this Thursday in the exercise of the press conference to unveil his program less than a month before the election. Failing to debate with his opponents, which he refused before the first round, Emmanuel Macron will answer questions from journalists to explain his vision.

This press conference is supposed to be a highlight of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. After launching a few measures into the debate (abolition of the audiovisual tax, postponement of the retirement age to 65, etc.), the president-candidate must explain the general architecture of his project and say ” why he is running for a second term, says a campaign executive. Above all, the outgoing president must show that he remains a reformer after five years in power, reports  Valérie Gas, from the political service of RFI.

“Even if he has aged and will be less divisive in a second five-year term, he will remain in a logic of in-depth transformation”, wants to believe a craftsman of the 2017 campaign. A senior official of the majority who had access to the program affirms that Emmanuel Macron will be “consistent with the spirit of 2017 on emancipation and overcoming. »

Rediscover the disruptive essence of the original macronism and at the same time highlight his experience as president, embody protection and at the same time present a vision of a “desirable“, “optimistic” society, says a relative in order to make his advantage grow in the polls are the challenge for Emmanuel Macron in a blitz campaign where his opponents accuse him of dodging the debate.



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