Monday, June 27, 2022
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Mario Draghi is one of the major exponents of the Italian left

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Do we want to clear the field of hypocrisy? Draghi is one of the major exponents of the Italian left. Nothing wrong. The left is one of the components of politics, it has the full right to govern and to be directed by whomever it wants. All right, or almost. Almost because Draghi did not earn the seat of Palazzo Chigi with the consent of the Italians. There have been no elections that have handed the scepter of victory to the left, and have legitimized it to place a Prime Minister similar to the red ideology.

No: Draghi was put at the head of a government of National Unity, as a super partes technocrat. So he had been told. A year later we understood that even the Saints, with the nickname “Holy Dragons”, can be biased. Let’s face it. Draghi absolutely wants to reform the land registry. That is, to increase the official value of the houses for tax purposes. What does this mean? That in a few years, not many, probably in 2026, the taxes on houses, or at least on many houses, will be significantly increased. Whoever owns a property today, that is the very large part of the middle class, will be considerably impoverished by this provision. Why does Draghi want to increase this tax, and possibly also introduce a property tax? He says, to affirm social justice.

Draghi himself could have eliminated the biggest madness made three years ago by the yellow-green government. That is the citizenship income. That welfare measure that finances anyone who does not want to work, and does it with state money. That is ours. But he has clearly said that he will not abolish it. Because? He says to affirm social justice. Still he, who would have the possibility to put a stop to the irregular immigration that arrives every day from the sea, with exponentially growing numbers, does nothing. He thinks there is no need to intervene. Because? He says, to affirm social justice.

Who better than him could take advantage of the pandemic to impose liberal ideas? Explain to citizens that the state is not an oppressor. That freedom is sacred. That the Constitution is valid. But no, it prefers a state that oppresses, which holds citizens as subjects, which does not exaggerate in liberalism. Because? To affirm social justice.

No one like him could intervene to tackle the problems of public order, especially in large cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, which have become the Bronx in the 1980s. He could try to solve the drifts of illegality and violence in the streets, in the suburbs, in the stations. He could face the rampant plague of babygangs. But he doesn’t. He shrugs. Because? Draghi says: for reasons of social justice. But what is this social justice? It is the cliché that for at least a century has solved all the ideological problems of the left. And it allows you to relegate freedom to the closet. Looking forward to better times. He was introduced to us as a technician. We are told that he is a pure liberal. It was explained to us that he and only he can keep together center-right, center-left and 5 Stars, because his moderate political stance is a guarantee. Together with its expertise. Steps for competence.

But where have you seen its moderate position? Mario studied in a very Catholic Jesuit school. Rather left-wing. His secondary school teacher was called Alfonso Caffè. Then at the university he became a pupil of Alfonso’s brother, Federico. Great economist. Well, Federico Caffè was a left socialist, very Keynesian, who wrote about the manifesto and about the Unit. Everything clearly converges to the left. So do we want to clear the field of hypocrisy and tell the truth? Kompagno Draghi is the real leader of the Italian left.


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