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Man murders his mother in Almería and then dies of cardiac arrest

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A 33 YEAR OLD MAN is alleged to have murdered his mother in Almería, Andalusia, in the early hours of Wednesday May 18, before going into cardiac arrest and dying himself.
According to the Police, a 68-year-old woman suffered a “violent” death around 3 in the morning in a family home located on Calle Almedina, in the historic center of Almería and it is believed that her assailant was her son, who died at the Little time. after cardiac arrest.

Spanish media reports have suggested that police arrived at the scene to find the woman dead as a result of a hit with a “blunt object” and her son in cardiac arrest.

Police tried to save the man’s life, but he also died at the scene.

According to sources, the National Police went to the house to “mediate a problem” after the alerts of possible domestic violence.

The same sources assured that it was not the first time that the Police had come to the home, although according to the Almería Provincial Police Station, no previous complaints had been filed for domestic violence against the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

Neighbors of the woman, identified as Juana, said that her son Juan Miguel had “previous problems with drugs and alcohol.”

The Almería City Council requested a minute of silence to condemn the events.

Mayor Ramón Fernández-Pacheco assured that Almería is “united in pain” and assured that his message is “loud and clear that we reject any type of violence, especially if it is committed in the family environment”.

“I think that we cannot normalize this type of situation, that we always have to be united around it, and of course, the Almería City Council will continue to stand up against any type of violence, especially if it occurs against women,” he said.


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