Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Israel faces an exponential increase in coronavirus infections

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Israel has been facing an exponential increase in coronavirus infections for weeks and today it detected more than 10,000 cases, the highest number since the beginning of April, while the Government is considering imposing certain restrictions again .

The health authorities registered 10,202 infections among 29,681 tests carried out yesterday, which marks a percentage of positives of almost 39% and increases the speed of reproduction of the virus to 1.32, according to data released by the Ministry of Health.

In turn, 168 infected are admitted in serious condition, which represents an increase of 95% compared to last week, something that worries hospitals, which are beginning to consider a possible reopening of rooms for covid-19 patients. .

Likewise, since infections have been rising progressively in recent weeks, the Government is evaluating the introduction of restrictive measures that had already been annulled, such as the use of masks indoors, something that had practically disappeared from Israeli streets.

According to local media, the Israeli authorities are also considering the application of vaccines against covid-19 for babies and preschool children, after the US authorized this Friday the possibility of starting their vaccination.

Since the start of the pandemic, 4.2 million people of Israel’s more than 9 million residents have contracted the virus, while the death toll stands at 10,908, a relatively low number compared to other countries.

The last wave that the country experienced was with the omicron variant, and after registering massive infections, morbidity was going down from March.


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