Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Giant euro sculpture up for auction in Frankfurt as maintenance costs skyrocket

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The emblematic blue sculpture of the euro, which since 2001 has been in Frankfurt, headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), “a united Europe and a common currency” , will be auctioned in the middle of next October, due to the fact that its owners, the non-profit organization Frankfurt Kultur Komitee, cannot afford the sharp increase in the cost of maintaining the monument.

Located in Willy-Brandt Square in the financial capital of Germany, the euro sculpture, the work of German artist Ottmar Hörl, had become one of the most popular and photographed images of Frankfurt since 2001, accompanying the entrance with its presence to the former headquarters of the ECB, which at the end of 2014 moved to the Ostend district of Frankfurt am Main.

The owners of the sculpture explained that funding from private sponsors is no longer sufficient to keep the euro symbol in a technically safe condition, particularly given “the increase in vandalism in the last two years”, which has exhausted all the association’s funds. , preventing the carrying out of other activities of the association.

Similarly, they regret that “all attempts to ensure the financing of the euro sign have failed so far” , including the round table convened on April 27, since the invited representatives of the city of Frankfurt am Main, the ECB and the Hessian Ministry of Finance were unable to attend for various reasons.

“Many citizens do not know who owns the euro symbol and how important it is around the world. Many believe that the euro sign belongs to the city of Frankfurt am Main or to the European Central Bank,” they noted.

The sculpture is 14 meters high and weighs 50 tons. Currently its lighting is carried out with LEDs, which allowed a substantial cut in spending on electricity consumption, which previously was around 12,000 euros per year.


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