Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Finland’s prime minister takes a drug test after videos showing her partying leak

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London – Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin said Friday that she had taken a drug test after a leaked video showing her partying with friends sparked criticism, according to the Finnish public broadcaster. YLE.

“In recent days, quite serious accusations have emerged in the public domain that I have used drugs. I consider these accusations to be very serious and weighty. For my own legal protection—although I consider the requirement to take a drug test to be unreasonable— and to remove such doubts, today I took a drug test,” Marin told reporters, according to the station.

“Even in my teens, I haven’t used any kind of drugs,” she added.

After the leak of the private videos, the 36-year-old leader acknowledged that she went out partying, but said she was angry that the images — which drew criticism from political opponents — reached the media.

“These videos are private and were recorded in a private space. It bothers me that they have been released to the public,” Marin said.

The videos prompted some of Marin’s opponents to criticize her behavior as unbecoming of a prime minister. Mikko Karna, an opposition MP, tweeted on Thursday that Marin should take a drug test.

Marin said Thursday that she drank alcohol at the party, but that she was not aware of any drug use.


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