Monday, October 3, 2022
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Digna Calle proposes that no vehicle or driver be assigned to officials who leave office

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Second vice president of Congress also asks to prohibit the supply of fuel to former public servants.

Through a legislative proposal, the second vice president of the Congress of the Republic, Digna Calle, requested that officials who leave office continue to receive benefits that add large amounts of money to the Peruvian State.

In this way, the parliamentarian of the political caucus Podemos Peru, presented a bill a few hours ago where she asks to eradicate the assignment of vehicle and driver that public officials who have already finished their position in government entities currently receive.

In the same way, the legislator, indicated in the letter, that the public servants who have already ceased their functions should not receive the supply of fuel that until now continues to be delivered to them.

“It is proposed that a vehicle and driver not be assigned to officials who leave office in a public or administrative role. Fuel should not be supplied to these terminated servers either,” they specify in the official document, according to Agencia Andina.

In the letter they also specify that said measure will apply to all former officials and former servants described in article 2 of Law 28212. This regulation includes the President of the Republic, ministers of State and congressmen.

If this legislative proposal is approved, the members of the Constitutional Court, supreme magistrates, mayors and regional governors, among others, would not benefit from a car, driver, or fuel.

Other officials

The bill, authored by the second vice president of the Congress of the Republic, Digna Calle, specifies, among other important points, that this regulation would also include the officials referred to in article 1 of Law 27588.

Detailing the aforementioned, directors, owners, senior officials, members of advisory councils, administrative courts, commissions and other collegiate bodies, who until now receive said benefits paid for by the Peruvian State, would not benefit either.

According to the proposal of the parliamentarian, with said law, public administration entities included in article I of the preliminary title of Law 27444, Law of General Administrative Procedure, are prohibited from granting said goods and services to said officials and servants when they are dismissed.

Congress Activities

As recalled, this Tuesday, September 6, the Budget and General Accounts Commission of the Republic will begin the analysis and debate of the General Budget Law and the Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework (MMM) 2023.

The Minister of Economy, Kurt Burneo Farfán, the Vice Ministers of Economy, Alex Contreras Miranda; and Treasury, José Calderón Valenzuela, as well as the president of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Strategic Planning (Ceplan).

According to the information provided by the Andean Agency, Burneo Farfán must support his position regarding these documents.

“The macroeconomic assumptions show an optimistic bias, the government needs to open up the figures, for a more realistic economic scenario,” said the president of the Budget Commission, José Luna.

At another time, the legislator explained that he is concerned about the sources of financing, since it is observed that the largest increases with respect to the budget for the year 2022 occur in the source of ordinary resources, for more than 22 billion soles, and in the source of certain resources.

In the same way, he stressed that the debate and approval of the final opinion will be carried out with total transparency for the benefit of all Peruvians and for this there will be a team from the MEF and the Comptroller General of the Republic.


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