Monday, October 3, 2022
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Daria Duguina: Hundreds of people mourn the death of the daughter of a Russian nationalist

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Hundreds of people gathered in Moscow on Tuesday for the funeral of Daria Duguina, the daughter of a prominent Russian ultra-nationalist intellectual, killed in a bomb attack Russia blames on Ukraine.

Ukraine denies any responsibility in Duguina’s death and rejects the Russian accusation.

Alexander Dugin, a supporter of the Ukraine invasion who says she is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, may have been the intentional target of the attack that killed his 29-year-old daughter.

Mourners, many bearing flowers, paid their respects to Duguina in a hall at Moscow’s Ostankino TV center, where a black-and-white portrait of him was placed over her open casket.

Dugin and his wife, both dressed in black, sat by the coffin of his daughter.

“She died for the people, for Russia, on the front. The front is here,” Duguin said at the start of the ceremony.

Duguina was killed on Saturday when a bomb installed in her car exploded while she was driving on a highway outside Moscow.

Russia claims that the Ukrainian intelligence services are responsible for the attack, something that kyiv denies.

Dugin, 60, came to prominence in the 1990s in the intellectual chaos that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

He had been an anti-communist dissident in the last years of the USSR.

The intellectual with the bushy beard and the air of a prophet claims to have ideological influence over Putin.

The Russian ruler has become increasingly hostile to the West and some consider Dugin to bear some responsibility for this, calling him “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s mastermind”.

Putin has never publicly endorsed him, but on Monday the Kremlin released a condolence message from the president, in which he denounced the “vile crime” that killed Duguina.

Duguina was also a media figure on pro-Kremlin television such as Russia Today and Tsargrad.


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