Monday, October 3, 2022
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Couple is assaulted while having sex inside their car

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A security camera captured the moment when a group of thieves interrupted a couple’s romantic moment to rob them of their vehicle

Despite the fact that in much of the world it is considered a breach of public order to maintain relationships or intimacy on public roads, including being inside the car, the truth is that many couples commit this crime simply to give that “special touch” to the relationship. moment, full of adrenaline.

However, things can’t always go well, since you could be surprised by someone else, be it a passer-by, a policeman… or a thief.

That is what happened to a couple in Brazil, whose situation has gone viral on social networks because a security camera placed on the street captured the moment they were surprised by 3 assailants while they were private in their car.

In the images that circulate in networks, you can see the exact moment in which the thieves force the man and the woman to get out of the car, regardless of whether they were naked.

Before starting the car, the assailants threw their clothes at the couple so they could get dressed. Quickly, the lovers tried to get dressed while they watch their vehicle being taken away.

Local media indicate that so far, the criminals have not been arrested.


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