Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Anonymous, the Russian Nuclear Agency Rosatom Hit

New hits in the cyber war

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According to the latest rumors that have emerged online, Anonymous has hit a really important target in Russia: Rosatom , the state-owned company that manages nuclear power plants . The hackers allegedly took the company’s website offline , which after the invasion would also control the Ukrainian power plant in Zaporizhzhya. And that’s not the only blow hackers have bragged about today.

Anonymous hits Rosatom, the Russian nuclear agency

The blow that Anonymous would have landed could be particularly important. So once again speaking on the subject, we invite you to take the news with skepticism. The Kremlin does not communicate the blows suffered and the hackers are anonymous: fact-checking is complicated , especially now that Russian servers are difficult to reach from the West.

But Taiwan News reports information from a member of the hacker collective Anonymous, which showed links from the site of Rosatom and other nuclear companies in Russia: the plant operator Rosenergoatom and the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants Operatio n. All three of these addresses are offline and the hackers have added an html page that reads ” fckptn “, which stands for “fan *** or Putin”.

In addition, the hackers shared 124MB of data from the Rosatom site, promising that there is “some Giga still available”.

After Russian troops seized Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant on March 4, Ukraine notified the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that control of the power plant is now in Russian hands, right from Rosatom . Russia denies this accusation, but it appears that there are executives of the Russian state-owned company running the plant.

The other hits of the hacker collective

In addition to the strike against the Russian nuclear agencies, the hacker group announced other new targets on Twitter with the hashtag #TangoDown . For example, Anonymous allegedly hit the Special Communications and Information Service for the Federal Guard of the Russian Federation (

Furthermore, the demonstrative acts continue. In fact, it seems that some hackers have renamed a webcam of a Russian institution by writing: “ Putin is an attacker and a war criminal. Please rebel ”.

This kind of message adds to the many we have seen in recent weeks. And to the 20 million SMS, WhatsApp messages and emails that the volunteers following Anonymous would have sent to the Russian population, in the hope of informing them about the conflict and inviting them to oppose the Russian dictator.

The cyber war continues, a cyber battle that proceeds together with the terrible tragedy of the invasion of Ukraine.


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