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An Air France New York-Paris Flight Comes Close to a Missed Landing at Roissy, an Open Investigation

A "serious incident" occurred on Tuesday April 5 during the flight of an Air France Boeing 777, in the landing phase at Roissy.

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INVESTIGATION – What happened during flight AF11 New York-Paris on Tuesday April 5? As it approached Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, an Air France Boeing 777 from New York had to abandon its initial landing. The Bureau of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) announced on Wednesday that it was investigating to determine the causes of the “serious incident”.

According to Air Journal , when the plane was supposed to land on runway 26 at the Paris airport, the aircraft suddenly stopped responding to commands. In a press release, the airline confirmed that the crew of the JFK – Roissy-CDG flight “abrupted their landing sequence and performed a go-around due to a technical incident during the approach”. “The crew got the situation under control and landed normally after a second approach,” Air France added.

An audio recording posted online and which you can listen to below allows you to hear the exchanges between the pilots and the control tower. “Stop, stop,” said one of the pilots to his colleague, in a stressed voice. “I’ll call you back,” he then said to the control tower, which contacted him.

“We went over the gas, 4000 feet [approximately 1300 meters], we will maintain them, we will call you back,” he said then. The flight data visible on the FlightRadar site indicate that the plane was shortly before at 400 meters altitude.

“The plane did just about anything”
Once the situation stabilized, the pilot declared to the control tower: “We went around so, flight control problem, the plane did almost anything.” According to Air France, “the go-around is defined by the authorities, the aircraft manufacturers and Air France as a normal procedure which goes in the direction of safety”.

“Instability of flight controls on final, go-around, harshness of controls and trajectory oscillations, @BEA_Aero is opening a safety investigation” into the “serious incident”, Tuesday morning at Paris-Charles De Gaulle, indicates the BEA on Twitter.

In international civil aviation nomenclature, a serious incident is an “incident in which the circumstances indicate that there has been a high probability of an accident”. The classification of the incident as “serious” is due in particular to the fact that it occurred “in the approach phase, where there is the most risk”, with the take-off phase, according to a source close to the BEA.

This type of investigation is “regularly” opened by the BEA, according to this source, specifying that the incident in question did not cause any injuries.

“Crews are trained and regularly practiced in these procedures practiced by all airlines in order to guarantee the safety of flights and passengers, which are absolute imperatives for Air France”, adds the company which “understands and regrets the discomfort that may have been felt by customers.

The black boxes containing the recording of the flight data (FDR) and the conversations in the cockpit (CVR) have been recovered and are “being analyzed”, according to the BEA.


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