Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Windows 10 and 11: DirectStorage arrives to speed up video games

Microsoft has worked on the implementation of DirectStorage in order to bring the news to both Windows 10 and 11, as officially confirmed.

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Like a bolt from the blue, Microsoft has decided to launch DirectStorage on Windows 10 and Windows 11 , a rather sudden move that hadn’t been talked about for some time after the giant was able to announce the pleasant news for its systems operational. We are talking specifically about the library designed to improve the world of PC games by positively touching the loading times of the various titles.

The company is speaking entirely indicating that this is a real new era that can be launched as soon as the games will be able to support the API, although there are currently not many details regarding a compatibility for titles already available and the difficulty of implementation for the new ones that will arrive. These are two important questions in order to understand how everything will evolve in the future and if the API will take hold.

However, the company has confirmed its support for both Windows 10 and Windows 11, thus not making everything limited only to the new operating system and opening the doors to many more users who exploit the potential of Windows every day. Obviously, the giant pointed out that it is good to have an NVMe SSD for gaming in order to get the most out of this novelty, which is only partially useful on non-performing drives and disks.

The increase in speed will apparently concern both the opening of the games and the loading time of these while enjoying them, thus making everything much more similar to the experience that players have a way to live on consoles thanks to the new generation, dealing with platforms particularly optimized for the gaming sector.


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