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Will Disney change the name of the X-Men for The Mutants in the MCU?

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A new rumor, in the middle of Comic-Con in San Diego, shakes the network. Do Disney and Marvel Studios plan to change the name of the ‘X-Men’ in the Cinematic Universe? What changes does it imply?

Mutants , as we have already seen in some Disney+ series , are closer than ever to appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For months, their integration into movies and series led by Kevin Feige has been emphasized , with a good number of creatives highlighting that there is a secret plan to integrate them into future adaptations. The latest rumor is related to a supposed rebranding of the X-Men license , which would be called The Mutants. The information, partially confirmed by media such as Deadline, highlights that the change was decided years ago and would contemplate multiple films and spinoffs derived from the mutant ensemble.

From X-Men to The Mutants: Why does Disney want to change the team’s name?

A few years ago, Disney acquired Fox, taking over the license for the X-Men and spin-off characters like Deadpool. However, for months, no notable additions have been seen in this regard in the Marvel Studios tapes, leaving this type of superhero completely on the sidelines. However, for many, including mutants in such an established history in which there are supernatural beings with powers by force is a mistake. Why haven’t they been mentioned before? How have they been hidden from everyone’s eyes during these years? What excuse will Feige look for to introduce them? This is where The Mutants come in, the change of name or license of this set of mutants from the House of Ideas.

Many have raised their hands to their heads indicating that the change from X-Men to The Mutants is due to a supposed issue of gender ideology or inclusion , marked by the political agenda of Disney, which tries to make the name more inclusive. facing the public. However, it seems that everything is due to a change in commercial orientation , which tries to be different from the previous Fox films. However, when Stan Lee first created the X-Men characters in the cartoons back in 63 , spent some time deciding what name they should bear. Before the X-Men, the creator had another name on his mind: The Mutants.But it didn’t stick, mainly because its publisher at the time thought it was a terrible title and thought readers wouldn’t know what a mutant is. After some debate and minor changes, Lee thought that they should be called the X-Men because the leader of this group was none other than Professor X. If it is true that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige decide to name their projects with this name, they would pay a good tribute. to Stan Lee and his original idea.

Rumors about The Mutants indicate that these films or series in which these beings intervene will not be excessively independent of the MCU, and the intentions of the study is that different formations, groups and teams will be presented and progressively included in events so as not to overwhelm the viewers. They have already hinted at this way of operating, such as the entry of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , who was introduced as one of the leaders of the Illuminati. And, logically, we have the case of Ms. Marvel , who concluded her season by stating that Kamala had developed powers because her genes had mutated.

In the middle of the presentation of the next films and series at Comic-Con, in which Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka, The Fantastic 4, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, The Marvels or Blade , make an appearance, many believe that the mutants, in one way or another, would have a presence. However, the beauty of this project would be revealed at D23 , which will take place from September 9 to 11 and in which it could even be confirmed how Elizabeth Olsen could be an essential part.


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