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Why is Elon Musk dividing tech insiders over his bid to acquire Twitter and what does the company say?

Several experts contradict themselves about Musk's intentions

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The controversial Elon Musk has been under the spotlight in recent days for his desire to acquire the social network Twitter , a company of which he is already the largest shareholder, but of which he wants more. Given this, technology experts have divided their opinions about what will happen, both with the tycoon and with said social network.

What do tech experts say on the subject, and why are opinions divided?
While some experts believe that the Musk deal was not a serious offer (based on Twitter stock closing down 1.7%), others believe that Twitter should take this offer and/or try to reach a better deal with Musk. , but in the end the sale is almost done.

Still others are worried about what might happen to the company and the product itself in the coming weeks and months, while still others believe this is the start of a battle between Musk, Twitter and other potential buyers.

Putting names to these experts, Kara Swisher of The New York Times believes that “it’s hard to know what someone like Musk will do at any moment.”

Christine Emba considers that “it is not a good thing that a billionaire can almost single-handedly enter and eat this type of communication platform”; also, Fred Wilson, one of the first investors of Twitter supports this position: “Twitter is too important to be owned and controlled by one person . The opposite should be the case. Twitter should be decentralized”

How much is Elon Musk’s offer for Twitter?

Elon Musk would pay an amount of $54.20 dollars per share, raising the value of the firm to $41,000 million dollars.

What is the response of the owners of the social network after the offer of the owner of Tessla?
Twitter’s board of directors has a responsibility to seriously consider the offer . The evaluation process is ongoing. You could decline the offer, or sit down with Musk and have him buy the stock en masse , or even have another potential buyer come out of nowhere.

What changes is Elon Musk looking for Twitter?

For Elon Musk, Twitter is not just another way to make money but a highly trusted public platform for the future of civilization.

Musk wants Twitter to open up its algorithm so users can see when and why the platform takes action on their content.

Elon Musk also wants to stop promoting controversial tweets and for more temporary bans to be used.

Finally, Musk believes that the company should be privatized to make the changes it needs , and he is the right person to carry it out.


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