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Why do my car keys turn but the door won’t open?

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Most vehicles these days also come with keyless entry. In case your vehicle has one of these systems, opening the car doors with a key is no longer a problem.

Theft of a car or of the belongings that we leave inside it, is a very common crime in the United States and that is why we must always make sure to close the doors properly when we leave the vehicle parked.

Without a doubt, keeping doors locked can help prevent theft and vandalism. However, you must be prepared in case your car key does not open the lock and therefore you cannot open the door.

Not only can the control battery not work, it may also happen that when you insert the key and turn it you realize that the door does not unlock. This can happen to anyone and it is important that you know what the reasons may be and what you should do.

Why does my car key turn but the door won’t open?

Problems with unlocking the vehicle are very common among owners of older vehicles that are still opened primarily with the key. Some causes can be fixed with a quick maintenance, but for others, you will have to change some parts.

The most common reasons why car doors get stuck are lack of lubrication, freezing, wear or poor condition of the lock cylinder and cylinders, or breakage of the turning part of the lock.

How to solve the problem of turning the key but it does not open the door?

1.- Call a locksmith

We recommend that you do not try anything absurd if the car key does not open the car doors. On the other hand, you should immediately request the help of a professional locksmith and he will unlock the door manually.

2.- Unfreeze the lock

If you live in colder areas, the car lock can become dysfunctional as it freezes. You can defrost the door lock with a defroster, which can be used easily. On a second note, you can also try a hair dryer on the lock in case the defroster isn’t available for use.

3.- Lubricate

If you own an older vehicle, chances are the old lock needs some lubrication to work properly. We recommend that you use professional lubricants instead to make the locking gears work better and try unlocking them again with the key. In case there is debris or dust; the lubricant would help remove it.


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