Friday, December 2, 2022
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Why being near the sea has psychological benefits

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Surely at some time, especially if you haven’t been at the seashore for a long time, you have felt, when approaching it, a kind of moment of fullness, joy and relaxation. Well, according to some experts, this is completely normal and is related to various properties of the ocean.

Of course, if the time coincides with the beginning of your vacation, some of these sensations are perfectly normal, but according to some scientific studies, they may have a much deeper origin.

Most of us, when we are on the coast, feel calmer, sleep better and, ultimately, feel more comfortable in our skin. But why?

The color blue

There is a branch of psychology that deals with color and the effects it has on our moods. It is due to this psychology of color that in the past some radio studios were upholstered in red which, in theory, provided more joy and energy.

According to this theory, the color blue inspires calm and relaxes us. It gives us a feeling of security and tranquility. That’s why looking at it for a while calms us down.

A natural environment

Just as it happens to us when we go to the countryside or to the mountains, the coast is a natural environment in which we reconnect with our authentic essence. In short, we are animals and we are part of nature. Going down to the beach is reconnecting with that state again.

White noise and alpha waves

The sound of the waves is a natural white noise and is often used in meditation sessions because it puts our brain in alpha mode, in a way, resets it, allowing us to rest better, relax and increase our brain capacity.

A pure and oxygenated air

By the sea, oxygen levels and air purity are higher than inland. Breathing better quality air helps us reduce tension and anxiety, making everything in our body work better both physically and psychologically.


Our whole body relaxes and cools down by immersing ourselves in the salt water, which makes us feel great. In addition, if we go swimming, sports activity will also make us feel more vital and energetic.

Did you need more excuses to spend a few days on the coast? If you live in an area without access to the sea, we do not know what you are waiting for to pack your suitcase. And if you are lucky enough to have it nearby, take advantage of any opportunity to get closer to enjoy it.


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