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Who is Charlotte Lascuráin, the tiktoker who claims to be a ‘Guaite-chican’?

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Who is Charlotte Lascuráin, the tiktoker who claims to be a ‘Guaite-chican’? She is a young transsexual born on August 15, 1996, in the state of Hidalgo, under the name of José María Amador Hernández.

Currently 25 years old, Charlotte Lascuráin became known in 2016, through social platforms such as YouTube, where she began uploading videos of varied content:

  • introducing her family
  • giving beauty tips
  • Cooking
  • Collaborating with other influencers

This last type of content made the tiktoker gain relevance on the web and with it, also haters. And it is that, not only did she end up inventing things from AmipeP3, one of the youtubers who appeared on her channel.

According to her followers, Charlotte Lascuráin began to tell many lies, promote hate speech, and be very superficial.

Charlotte Lascuráin shows her transition to a trans girl on YouTube

In October 2020, Charlotte Lascuráin, then known as Chemita Amador, announced her desire to become a trans girl and revealed that she had already started the process to achieve it both physically and legally.

Thus, she began to upload videos of her first outing on the street as Charlotte Lascuráin, the changes that her body presented when starting hormonal therapy, her foray into OnlyFans, etc.

Along with these contents, Charlotte Lascuráin began to upload videos in which she showed her followers the new lifestyle she had achieved, with a new house in Mexico City, as well as bags, clothes, accessories, among other goods.

Thus, Charlotte Lascuráin began to identify herself as a ‘guaite-chican’, a word that the tiktoker defines as follows:

“’Guaite-chican’ means being a good boy, it means being a tall girl, a girl who has what she wants, who gets what she wants in spite of everything, a girl who snaps her finger and snaps things they come to her, a girl who, by moving her hand like that, already has things, just as she deserves them, because she wants to, because she can and because she is, that is being a ‘guaite-chican’ girl… it is living in Polanco, living in Pedregal de San Ángel, living in Lomas de Shapultepec, living in Santa Fe, in the nice area, obviously… living in areas of varo, man, in areas where there are people who have it, where there are people who don’t show it off like other people who are showing off on social networks, to be noticed and so on, but they already know that they are pure appearances. No, people like me, who don’t need to prove, that with the simple fact of being who we are,

Charlotte Lascuráin, the ‘guaite-chican’ tiktoker

To show that she is quite a ‘guaite-chican’, Charlotte Lascuráin has uploaded several videos to TikTok in which she shows off the bags from luxurious stores in which she has allegedly bought.

The videos have rained criticism and ridicule on Charlotte Lascuráin, since her definition of “guaite-chican” is far from being the one she herself has shown about her life.


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