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Where to Fish for Tadpoles in the New World

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Tadpoles are one of the many fish you can catch in the New World. These food items can also be used to get bait for more fish, so it’s kind of a self-feeding resource. All of these types of items are found at fishing spots. You will often have to complete quests by delivering materials and other items, and tadpoles are like that. They can also be used for crafts.

You can get a fishing rod if you are a new player very easily. Go find Master Angler Michael Shield in Windsward and bring him five Woodlouse Lures.

And of course, there are other quests like this. Clams and snails are caught from similar sources. Tadpoles in the New World can be caught in fresh water at any fishing spot, usually without bait. You can increase your chances of catching a clam by using nightcrawler bait, but only do so if you’re unlucky with offal. They can be found in a few different areas. The most common places to find them are:

  • Brightwood – The lake east of Fort Brightwood has a 1-star fishing spot. Stick to the western shore to find it. There’s another good spot next to Lush Hideaway on the eastern edge of the area. It is right next to the river that runs from north to south.
  • Everfall – The small lake just northeast of the Fort in this region also has a star point.
  • Mourningdale – Head north from the main town, there is a fishing spot north of Haedus.

Tadpoles mainly drop Life Motes, which makes them very important for crafting many items. There are many different items that make use of Life Motes. That makes this article very important.

If you don’t want to waste all your time collecting. But if you want to speed things up, we have a few ways to help. If you want a quick way to find any resource, use the map of the New World that the community has made. If you are looking for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide to finding WyrdWood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space. You might want to look for other food items like fish fillets, they are super useful. If you need help healing yourself, you could look for some weak healing potions, or maybe something better.

There is a lot more to learn about the basics of this MMO. You’ll also want to learn how to reset your build. There are also tons of materials that you can gather and craft. There are a lot of basic materials like Rawhide and various basic ingredients that you need a lot of. Rarer materials like steel and star metal are also useful.


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