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Where to Find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

One of the most powerful weapons for witchcraft lovers, in Elden Ring, is also available at the start of the game - here's where ...

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If you are interested in using spells and sorceries in Elden Ring , then the best place to start is the Meteorite Staff . This staff cannot be upgraded, but that means it already starts as a Grade S when it comes to climbing with Intelligence. If you are an experienced Souls player, you know what this means: this staff will do huge spell damage very soon.

Better yet, you can potentially get this stick very early in the game, as long as you are willing to run your horse through a lot of hostile and potentially very strong enemies. Follow our instructions below and make sure you combine this powerful weapon with something like the Moonlight katana.


Follow these instructions to find the Meteorite Staff first. Skip this part if you have already explored the Caelid region .

First you will need to head to the Dragon Incinerated Ruins . This location is directly east of where you start the game, the place of grace of the First Step. While you might try to get this weapon immediately at the start of the game, you should at least make sure you’ve got Torrent first. Once at the ruins, look for an underground path. Watch out for the mice in the next room.

Open the back door and use the chest. This will transport you to a dungeon, a difficult one especially if you are not of a high level: the Crystal Gallery of Sellia. Leave the hut where you will find yourself and immediately turn left, then left again going down the hill and straight towards the tunnel in front to find the exit. Run, because the enemies here have ranged attacks at their disposal.

Once outside, go up to Torrente and head southwest, following the bank of the Aeonia Swamp, and then go to the Ruins of the Way of the Wise.

Start here if you’ve explored the Caelid region and already found the Ruins of the Way of the Sages in the Aeonia Swamp.

Go to the southwestern corner of the Ruins of the Way of the Sages, near the Heart of Aeonia place of grace, and you will find a small tower as part of the ruins, with four poisonous flowers inside. Defeat them and you will find an object hanging from a body behind them. This is the Meteorite Staff.


Meteorite Staff requires 6 Strength and 18 Intelligence , which are fairly simple stats to achieve at the start of the game. He only has D grade scaling with the Force, but you won’t need that, since he has S grade scaling in Intelligence. This means that your gravity sorceries above all will be incredibly powerful, as long as you continue to invest your skill points in Intelligence.

If you’re aiming for a strong Intelligence build, this stick will have the best scaling you can find for a long time. Other sticks with similar scaling alone will require many upgrades to make them strong enough to compete with the Meteorite Staff. However, when the time comes, swapping the Meteorite Staff for an upgraded Carian Royal Scepter or Azur’s Stonecarving Staff can be a good idea.

For the early part of the game this is an incredible weapon and is great when paired with another weapon you scale with Intelligence, such as the Moonlight katana.


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