Whatsapp Plans to Export Chats From Android to iOS Using a Cable.

Whatsapp Plans to Export Chats From Android to iOS Using a Cable.

WhatsApp will soon implement a feature that allows you to transfer your chat history between Android and iPhone using a wired connection.

A function that requires a wired connection to enable the transfer of chat accounts from different smartphones models to be possible in the near future, according to a wabetainfo website report.

The sync of WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS mobile phones is still in development. Both devices will need to be connected via cable for this operation, but no external services are required.

The whatsapp messaging app doesn’t have the ability to transfer chats from android phones to ios, since they use icloud as backups.

This instant messaging app is working on ways to make data transfer possible, according to Twitter reports by WABetaInfo, which shared a video that shows the function in action. The feature was first seen in beta versions, but it’s not yet available.

The new tool allows you to send chats from iOS and Android. However, both phones must be connected via cable. It also requires that the phone and app remain open.

After the file transfer from iOS has been completed, the function informs users that they can continue the process using their Android mobile. They can also open WhatsApp to access their file history and chat history.

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