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What zodiac sign is Kratos from God of War? This is the star under which the God of War was born

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The hype for God of War Ragnarök is through the roof and for a few days both my friends and I have made the decision to reveal some of the most important curiosities of the franchise in order to whet your appetite towards the launch of its new installment. . And, precisely, that is what I come to do here; specifically to answer the question: What zodiac sign is Kratos? Let’s go to the mess.

What day was Kratos born in God of War?

This is when I come to disappoint you all because, to this day, there is no way to know the exact day the protagonist of God of War was born in the history of the franchise itself. That is to say: there is no concrete proof that allows us to determine the exact date on which he turns years. But I have not come here to leave a question unanswered, since we can get one out of the sleeve following a fairly solid condition:

  • Since Kratos’ exact date of birth is unknown, we can accept the one in which the character was born, but in the world of video games
  • That is, we will take as a reference the release date of the first game of the God of War franchise ✅
  • The latter was launched on the market on March 22 of last year 2005 ✅
  • For this reason, the zodiac sign of the protagonist of God of War would be the one shown
  • behind the card that you can reveal below if you click on it:

According to what we understand by someone Aries, the protagonist of God of War would be someone proactive, impulsive and adventurous . And what do you want me to tell you… it fits me perfectly.


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