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What is the franchise tag and how does it work?

The franchise tag is a tool that allows NFL teams to keep players' employment rights for one year.

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The new NFL season will start administratively on March 16, but the teams have a deadline of the 8th to designate the players on whom the franchise tag will be used , but what is that tag?

The franchise tag is a tool used by NFL teams that allows them to keep players’ employment rights for one year to prevent them from becoming free agents and there are three different types of tags.

Non-exclusive label

In this designation, players can negotiate with other teams, but in the event of signing with them, the team that owned their rights will receive two first-round picks if they do not match the rival franchise’s offer .

There are two ways to calculate the salary of the player tagged with the non-exclusive tag: with the average of the five highest salaries of his position in the last five years or 120 percent of the salary he received the previous year ; whichever of the two options most benefits the athlete.

Exclusive label

Unlike non-exclusive, this tag only averages the five highest salaries for the position in the current season , which means a large portion of the salary cap.

This designation is given in particular cases where teams would be willing to give up two first-round picks. It has only been used on quarterback Drew Brees , in 2012; linebacker Von Miller , in 2016; QB Kirk Cousins ​​and running back Le’Veon Bell , in 2017 ; and quarterback Dak Prescott in 2020.

Transition tag

This tag averages the top ten salaries for the position and guarantees the team the opportunity to decline any offer made to the player by another team. This designation does not offer any compensation to teams that do not match offers made by other teams.


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