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What Is Alopecia?

The condition everyone is talking about at the moment is of autoimmune origin and according to recent research the right diet could represent a way to cure

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Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles causing patchy baldness and hair loss. It is the illness of Jada Pinkett Smith , actress and wife of Will Smith, involved in the incident of the “slap” between the Oscar-winning actor and Chris Rock, which took place on the stage of the 2022 Academy Awards, for an unhappy joke on the perfectly shaved head her. The alopecia that Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from is aerated , a condition that occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes hair loss., usually affects the head and face, and in some cases it can be a temporary condition resulting from severe stress or shock. Alopecia can be a challenge for anyone, but it is particularly difficult for women in a world where hair is often considered a measure of femininity and self-esteem. While 147 million people worldwide suffer from it, there is not much talk of alopecia, as a result, getting a diagnosis can be devastating and alienating.

What are the causes of Alopecia?

It is not known for sure what causes the immune attack on the hair follicles, but doctors believe that genetic and environmental factors play a predominant role. Hormonal alterations can also lead to common alopecia, while an important autoimmune component may be responsible for the aerated one , usually more common in patients with other immune disorders, such as atopic dermatitis, thyroiditis, celiac disease, vitiligo and other allergies . Alopecia is not contagious.

The alternative cure Alopecia

Seeing a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment is the way to go if the first signs of severe hair loss begin, up to the formation of patches the size of a coin or more. Although the most traditional treatment is that of taking topical corticosteroids, alternative ways that affect the entire balance of the system are being explored. According to a recent study conducted by dermatologists Daniela Pinto, Fabio Rinaldi, Elisabetta Sorbellini, published in the Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Diet Carein July 2019, the impact of diet on hair growth disorder was ascertained due to the influence that balanced nutrition can have on the gut microbiome. Little information is still available on the link between the microbiome, especially the scalp microbiome and hair diseases, but research results beyond the known impact of diet on human health in general have highlighted the role of food in human health in general. modify the microbiome of the scalp, which in turn appears to have an impact on the evolution of alopecia areata .

The reference community

Today more and more is known about this disease thanks also to the work done by many people suffering from the condition because they talked about it on social networks like the model and actress Amber Jean Rowan who received a diagnosis of alopecia thirteen years ago. She had turned to specialized doctors to find treatments and searched for information, including on social media, hoping to stumble upon a community that offered first-hand experiences and advice, but there was nothing.

From her sense of isolation and the lack of a reality that represented her, a fantastic idea was born: Hair Free , the web community and Amber Jean Rowan ‘s blog for those looking for answers on alopecia. And not just answers to questions you might expect, like “Will my hair grow back?” or “Where can I buy a wig?”, but a place where you can find advice, also, for example, on how to manage it in relationships with your partner.

“This has been one of the most sensitive issues for me,” Rowan told Allure , “It’s hard to tell someone that the person they see isn’t the real you, especially when you’re just starting a relationship. Exposing your bare head to someone for the first time makes you feel totally vulnerable, raw, and the most naked you’ve ever felt. You really have to trust and feel comfortable with that person. ”

Rowan’s Hair Free community trusts her for beauty questions as well, and it’s no surprise – the model is an absolute wizard at creating a natural brow look with just a little bit of eyeshadow and a subtle makeup brush. – something he has perfected over the course of a decade, plus completely safe and according to dermatologists’ recommendations, for use on skin that has suffered hair loss from alopecia. Rowan even prefers this technique to microblading, which is the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that creates realistic-looking hair strokes.


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