Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Venus Williams Nipple Was Exposed During Will Smith’s Oscar Speech

Will Smith's blow to Chris Rock in the middle of the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony was not the only curious fact at the gala

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Will Smith’s blow to Chris Rock in the middle of the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony was not the only curious fact that stood out above the planned structure of the gala. Another situation that caused talk was played by the tennis player Venus Williams, present at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, to whom the generous neckline of her dress played a little trick on her and the public was able to see more than it should.

Venus Williams

The oversight with Venus Williams’ clothing occurred just as Will Smith received the Oscar for best actor for his role in “King Richard: A Winning Family.” The film is precisely about the family of Venus and Serena Williams and the influence of her father (played by Smith) in his sporting career full of successes.

In this context, the actor, on stage and with the statuette in hand, addressed words of appreciation to the Williams sisters. At that moment the cameras focused on the two tennis players sitting in the theater. Precisely there there was a slip in the neckline of Venus’s stunning dress, which allowed a part of her nipple to be observed.

At that moment, the tennis player was paying close attention to Smith’s speech, apparently without noticing the treacherous detail of her gala clothes. Something that the thousands of people who saw the ceremony did perceive.

So it was that soon the involuntary act of exhibitionism of Venus Williams became one of the curious events of the ceremony. And the image of her began to reproduce on social networks until it became something viral.

Venus Williams nipples

A Gucci design

Beyond the dress incident that revealed more than necessary, the Williams sisters wore two dazzling looks at the most important gala night in the Hollywood film industry. With different styles, both sisters made an impact with their costumes from the very red carpet of the Dolby Theater.

Serena, the younger of the two, wore an original Gucci design, vintage pink, low-cut and with black details. Venus, meanwhile, decided to wear a custom-made dress by Lebanese designer Elia Saab, or simply ES.

The color of the older Williams’ dress was a radiant white, with silver trim, floor length and a wide, rounded neckline, which ended up betraying her.

Before the ceremony

Before the Oscar ceremony, Venus Williams herself posted a photo of herself wearing the gala dress on her Instagram account. She and she had been proud to reach a place she had not imagined reaching: the film industry.

“I did my best to prepare for every moment of life. I trained my mind, body, soul, and spirit to be prepared and ready for anything that comes my way. Until now, as I never would have dreamed of being at the Academy Awards for a movie that tells my family’s story. This is beyond any dream. What can I tell you? Keep dreaming, keep working, keep fighting, you don’t know where life can take you, it’s so good to be alive! This is how the tennis player wrote it, not knowing that on Sunday night she was expecting an incident with her posted dress that would make her go viral.


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