Thursday, December 1, 2022
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United Kingdom: Egg throwing at Margaret Thatcher statue in her hometown

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The statue of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher recently erected in her hometown of Grantham was the subject of a group of people throwing eggs. According to reports from the “Sky News” broadcaster, today some motorists approached the monument whistling loudly and some witnesses heard a man shout: “Shoot it down”. Following this, protesters threw eggs at the statue, which cost around £ 300,000 and was originally destined for Parliament Square in Westminster.

The work was then placed in the city of the Lincolnshire region, due to fears of a “far left movement”, always reports the newspaper. Initially commissioned in 2019 but later built due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the statue was eventually erected on its granite pedestal in a central Grantham neighborhood. The South Kesteven provincial council had approved the inauguration ceremony in 2020 for a total cost of one hundred thousand pounds. To follow, even then, a Facebook group had proposed an “egg throwing contest” during the event, attracting the interest of over 13,000 people.


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