Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Ukraine, the Polish Minister of Defense: “NATO needs to be enlarged”

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This morning the Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak will be in Rome to meet his Italian counterpart Lorenzo Guerini and participate in the celebrations of the battle of Monte Cassino, won also thanks to General Wladyslaw Anders with his Polish army. “The war in Ukraine – explains Blaszczak to“ la Repubblica ”- teaches us that one cannot believe in Russia. The Kremlin pursues a policy of neo-imperialist expansion. The decision by Finland and Sweden to start the NATO accession procedure is excellent news for the security of Poland and Europe. And it responds to Russia’s claims not to extend NATO. Russia is getting what it deserves: ostracism and loss of credibility. You are no longer an interlocutor “. Moscow often warns of the risk of nuclear escalation: “Poland and its allies are closely monitoring and analyzing Russian nuclear rhetoric. We believe it to be completely false, unjustified and unfounded. We have no doubt that the purpose of these messages is to discourage us and NATO from providing ever more effective political and military support to Ukraine. It is also a calculated game to intimidate public opinion and break the unity of the alliance. We are on the right side and it is Russia that should be afraid. Not the other”.

However, many argue that sending more and more weapons to Ukraine is a way to aggravate the conflict and cannot favor a de-escalation: “We cannot speak of de-escalation if the aggressor uses every means to destroy a country without having any rational reason for doing so. We are facing an unwarranted attack by Russia, which has always adopted a superpower posture, trying to make the countries of the area dependent, subdue and intimidate them. Therefore, the only way is to provide strong and lasting support to Ukraine. And in all respects: diplomatic, military, humanitarian and social “. “Ukraine – continues the minister – cannot be left alone and must win this war”. As for the annexation of Crimea and other territories as part of a peace agreement with Russia: “The Ukrainians and President Zelensky know perfectly well what they can and what they must do. It is a sovereign and independent state, so its leaders will decide for themselves, autonomously, about their future ”, concluded Blaszczak.


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