Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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UFO, historic hearing at the US Congress: videos revealed but the results disappoint

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Yesterday they took place public hearings in the United States Congress on a theme that has always aroused curiosity and interest, that one of UFOs and UAPs. It was a historic event because there have been no interventions of this type in the US Congress for 50 years. THE however, the results weren’t all that surprising, except for a couple of movies. There has also been criticism for the inefficiency of US intelligence in explaining certain aerial phenomena, identifying threats that are more terrestrial than extraterrestrial.


The toll of the hearings in the US House Secret Service Subcommittee – the US Navy’s Deputy Director of Intelligence, Scott Bray, and the Pentagon’s intelligence chief, Ronald Moultrie, spoke – can be summarized with two numbers: the confirmation of over 400 UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) currently present in the database of the task force that investigates these particular aerial phenomena e a couple of clips that others show.

Il primo has been registered in 2019 by a US military ship. The shot was made through a night viewer and shows a unidentified triangular object. The object was then shown with a second video, from another angle. The conclusion of the commission is that it was a drone and that the shape and the intermittent glow visible in some frames are only the result of the optical effect produced by the viewer and the camera used to shoot it.

What about the other 400+ sightings? Bray’s comment softens the enthusiasm of those who awaited shocking revelations. Comparing the content of the second video to what on average is seen in the other UFOs / UAPs in the task force database, Bray underlined:


In many other cases we have much less than this.


The task force was unable to provide an explanation for the small white dot in the second video which, according to Bray, is similar to what has been experienced in a small number of other sightings.


There are a small number of sightings in which flight characteristics and signature management * (the electromagnetic signature of military vehicles, ed.) Cannot be explained by the data we have


Bray then added that to date there is no indication that suggests extraterrestrial origin of phenomena and objects for which it is still difficult to find an explanation, and he specified that in no case have attempts been made to communicate with these objects which, apparently, are all unmanned.
In short, nothing that can make those looking for tangible evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial life form visiting our planet aboard spacecraft jump from their seats and results in line with the report published last year by the Pentagon. However, the public hearings of the past few hours have produced an effect, and that is fuel the controversy compared to a US intelligence unable to explain certain phenomena.


The heaviest accusations come (obviously) from the Republicans who have highlighted how the failure of the Pentagon to explain certain aerial phenomena is certainly not good for US securityespecially taking into account the current geopolitical context.

In other words, the concrete threat is that which could come from the use of new hypersonic weapons by the (renewed) eastern bloc, not so much from hypothetical flying saucers from other worlds. The comment of Rick Crawford, Republican MP, is eloquent: We don’t have to talk about hunting aliens. We are facing an intelligence failure.

Democrats, on the other hand, need more transparency on the UFO phenomenon: you must demonstrate to us and the public that you intend to follow the road of facts, wherever this takes you, commented the president of the subcommittee, Andrè Carson. Obligations to provide information with the utmost transparency that the Pentagon has begun to fulfill since the aforementioned UFO / UAP report published last year.


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