Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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UFC – Volkanovski Puts Conor Mcgregor “bottom of the List” in Featherweight

MMA - Alexander Volkanovski Has Spoken Out About the Greatest Featherweights in History, and He Doesn't See Conor Mcgregor Looking High.

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Alexander Volkanovski is he the greatest featherweight in UFC history? The Australian took the belt from Max Holloway, considered by many to be the GOAT of the category, after beating José Aldo – whom he himself sees as the greatest.He explained it at a press conference.. Volkanovski has twice beaten Holloway, and therefore can rightfully be placed above him, even if their rivalry must be settled in a third duel. But where does Conor McGregor fit in this featherweight “GOAT” ranking?

At the same press conference, Volkanovski placed the Irishman… at the bottom of the list of division champions. He won’t like it, but too bad. We need title defenses, that’s the problem. I want to show him respect, the guy knows how to fight. Yeah, he made some bad decisions, that sort of thing, but he’s got talent. To afford José Aldo in his premium, that means something. Alexander Volkanovski therefore does not want to spit on McGregor’s legacy. But the idea of ​​facing him to settle the GOAT issue seems hard to imagine. “Everyone will throw out their name from time to time because it’s the ‘money fight’. But it was mostly someone who held the belt in my division. I beat all the others, I didn’t have the opportunity to face him .That would be fantastic, but of course he won’t be featherweight anymore. If I can go up, I will, so that would be interesting.”

Alexander Volkanovski has indeed made no secret of his desire, in the medium term, to move up the division to try his luck in lightweights. “The Great” wants, before that, to defend his belt a few more times in featherweight. It will start this Saturday at UFC 273 against Korean Zombie. Before cementing his GOAT status?


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