Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Twitter, zero tolerance on fake tweets about the war in Ukraine

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There is not only Elon Musk on the agenda of Twitter: while waiting for the acquisition to be released, the contents that are published on the social network have to be managed, and in times of pandemic and above all of war things are not the easiest and most immediate. Need avoid misleading, harmful, dangerous and false content – and this is certainly not a problem of recent times – and to do so we need actions that go to further intensify the fight against disinformation.

The goal, once again, is to find a way to give visibility only to authoritative and based on content sources “credible and publicly available multiple”. The new policy adopted by the company will initially focus on tweets concerning the international armed conflict. In the future, an extension to other undermining arguments cannot be ruled out “basic life, physical safety, health or subsistence”.

We will act on accounts that use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information that could create dangers for populations affected by the crisis.

Tweets that will report misleading or unsubstantiated news they will not be displayed in the main history and in the search or explore section. “We have broadened the range of actions we can take to ensure they are proportionate to the severity of the potential damage”, explains Yoel Roth, head of security at Twitter. So labels are not enough, now it also comes to disabling involvement with tweets so as to root out the problem and do everything possible so that the dangerous content is not spread.

Another possibility contemplated by Twitter are i messages “hidden” behind a notice: to read them you will have to specifically click on the notice itself. Among other things, it will not be possible to like, share or retweet the message. The first notices will be added on tweets about the war in Ukraineand in particular on fake news about war crimes or conditions on the ground.

This tweet violates Twitter’s rules on sharing false and misleading information that could harm people affected by the crisis. However, to preserve this content for liability purposes, Twitter has determined that this tweet must remain available.

Messages containing personal opinions, satire, fact-checking or personal anecdotes are not covered by the new Twitter rules. In cases of violation, however, there are bans of 12 hours if two warnings are applied in 30 days, which reach 7 days if the warnings are three or more.

Will Elon Musk agree, according to which only blatantly illegal messages should disappear?


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