Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Tunisia closes today a weak electoral campaign for the constitutional referendum

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A weak electoral campaign for the vote in the constitutional referendum on Monday ends today in Tunisia with the participation of 46 parties as well as associations and individuals who, previously registered, mostly requested the vote in favor of the text.

The political opposition, however, opted for a boycott and refused to campaign to avoid “legitimizing” Monday’s vote, while calling today for a protest in the center of the capital where security forces have been deployed since yesterday.

This Friday, dozens of people, called by civil society, participated in a demonstration in front of the Municipal Theater against the referendum that ended with police charges and at least nine detainees, according to local media.

The polls for the constitutional referendum were opened today in consulates and embassies for the almost 350,000 citizens residing abroad who will be able to deposit their ballot until Monday, July 25, when the vote is held in the country.

A total of 9,278,541 (8,929,665 in Tunisia and 348,876 abroad) are called to vote after the Independent Higher Institution for Elections (ISIE) automatically registered a million and a half citizens of legal age, after concluding the mandatory prior registration period, in force until now.

Tunisians will vote next Monday in the first referendum in their history, to replace the 2014 Constitution that was agreed after the 2011 revolution with the overthrow of dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

The current president, Kais Said, who has governed with full powers for a year, convened this consultation as part of his political roadmap to “rectify”, in his opinion, the revolutionary course, which for the opposition means “stoning him”.

The campaign has gone almost unnoticed, with few events and hardly any visibility, and in the face of widespread disaffection that raises fears of low participation.

Tomorrow, Sunday, a day of reflection, it is forbidden to spread electoral propaganda or hold campaign events.


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