Top 5 Classiest EDM Songs by Revealed Recordings

Top 5 Classiest EDM Songs by Revealed Recordings

We know how saturated the EDM Industry has become lately, particularly the EDM record labels. But despite the saturation, Revealed Recordings has evolved as one of the finest label to drop nothing but the finest dance music from the finest artists.

If you are a fan of Electronic Dance Music, there is no way you don’t know about Revealed Recordings, one of the leading record label for EDM.

Founded in 2014 by DJ Hardwell, the label has continued to impress all the EDM fans around the world for years.

We know, with the passing time, there has been quite a surge in EDM Record Labels. Every other day we see a new record label coming into existence, the industry is actually losing its true identity.

With the growing number of EDM record labels and also the artists, it is becoming more like ‘Quantity over Quality’. The new record labels are putting only noise into the ears of Ravers.

There is quite a loss of talent and quality music lately, thanks to the growing number of unnecessary record labels.

Nevertheless, there are also high-quality record labels giving nothing but topflight music. And Revealed is one of them!

Today we will take a look at the 5 classiest pieces of dance music released by Revealed Recordings in all these years.

Hardwell and W&W – Jumper

Hardwell is not only the founder of Revealed Recordings, he is an EDM Legend in himself. After breaking into the EDM Scene with ‘Spaceman’, he has proved his legacy again and again with tracks like ‘Cobra’ and ‘Eclipse’.

W&W on the other hand are renowned dance music DJs and Producers as well. Their infusion between Big Room and Trance Music is known to everyone, they have continued to smash the dance floors with their gigantic music in all these years.

Blasterjaxx – Mystica

This track has a separate fanbase, released 7 years ago on Revealed Recordings, it has taken over several Mainstage Performances and Sets throughout the years.

Futuristic Polar Bears – Back To Earth

Talk about the ‘Greatest Big Room Drop of All Time’, THIS IS IT! It was in 2014 when Hardwell first premiered it on his Tomorrowworld Mainstage Set, and then on his Radio Show ‘Hardwell on Air’, ever since then it became a talk of the town. And finally when it was released, it became a top hit as it was quite expected, it landed straight on Number 1 position on Beatport.

W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket

Explosive Breakdown and a Gigantic Drop, as the name suggests, Rocket is a colossal masterpiece in itself. Having been played by nearly all of the Biggest DJs of the World in Clubs and Festivals, ‘Rocket’ has continued to create a thrill among Dance Music fans, even after all these years.

Hardwell & KAAZE & Jonathan Mendelsohn – We Are Legends

What happens when three legends collaborate and make a song together? This!

‘We are Legends’ is not your average progressive-bigroom dance track, it is an anthem in itself. Featuring vocals from Jonathan Mendelson, breakdown from Kaaze, and then the legendary drop from the man Hardwell himself, this track is nothing but a phenomenal creation from 3 talented artists.

Although there are more quality tracks that Revealed has put out in all these years, but from our personal point of view, these 5 tracks proclaim the standards Revealed has set in the World of Dance Music.

We always keep our eye on the World of Music, whether it is Electronic Dance Music or Pop or Hip-hop Music, we take note of every movement going on in the the music industry.

Hence, you can expect nothing, but the highest quality updates related to the music world. We will talk about more about Record Labels and Artists in our future music posts.

Cheers from North County Tribune.

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