Monday, December 5, 2022
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This Is What the Future of Video Games Looks Like: the Impressive Details in the Presentation of Unreal Engine 5

The Epic Games company confirmed that the new generation of its graphics engine, which for years has been the technical basis of many video games, is now available for download

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The final version of the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine was officially presented after more than a year of remaining in beta, and the images shared during the “The State of Unreal 2022” event show the potential of this technology for the creation of digital environments hyperdetailed.

Epic Games, the company behind the development of Unreal Engine, confirmed that the new generation of the graphics engine is now available for free download through its official website.

This update of the tool, which for years has been the technical basis of many video games (and even film productions), was designed to take advantage of the potential of the new generation consoles and the graphic processing power of the most modern GPUs.

One of the main features of this version of the graphics engine is the Nanite technology , which will allow developers to model objects with a very high level of detail thanks to the rendering of billions of polygons.

Something inevitable is the compatibility with external applications , such as ZBrush, so that it is possible to import models and use them in the engine projects.

Lumen is also highlighted , a dynamic global illumination technique that works in a similar way to Ray Tracing, with the aim of simulating the effects of light on virtual surfaces to make it more fluid.

The infinitely bouncing diffuse interreflections made possible by this feature make it possible to give scenarios a higher level of realism, whether in small environments or open-world maps, according to Epic.

Better level of detail for open world creation

Following the popularization of open world games over the last decade, Epic decided to give unprecedented importance to the possibilities of its graphics engine in this regard. This is why Unreal Engine 5 offers the necessary resources and tools to build huge, interactive worlds with the possibility of expanding if necessary.

As for the Unreal Engine 5 user interface , Epic noted that it has also been revamped to improve workflow, making it faster, more efficient, and easier to use.

Before this public presentation, Unreal Engine 5 was made available to a limited group of developers from Epic Games and other studios and companies, such as CD Projeckt Red, which is preparing the next release of The Witcher under this brand new graphics engine.

The company anticipates that Unreal Engine 5 will become a platform whose technology can be used both for the video game industry and for film and TV audiovisual productions, and even for the creation of digital worlds in the Metaverse.


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