Friday, December 2, 2022
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This is the world’s first PS5 Slim

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I remember that a few months after the PS5 was released, there were already the occasional rumor, not so much of the Slim version but of the Pro version, which is not even clear if it will ever arrive. It has been more than a year and a half since Sony ‘s next-generation console came out and there are still many people who are having a hard time getting hold of it because there is very little stock, so we better wait for the situation to recover and then we already think about future versions of the console.

Now yes, getting to the point, there will not yet be a confirmed PS5 Slim but there is someone who has been in charge of manufacturing it. Yes, someone has made his own small version of the machine, one person and, best of all, he has managed to make it work better than the original version even at the cooling level.

The world’s first PS5 Slim

It has been the DIY Perks channel that has made its own console and it has been fabulous:

  • It turns out that it has managed to reduce the size of PS5 so much that the Slim is only 1.6 centimeters wide ❗️
  • The good thing is that it has made it cool even better thanks to a water system that runs through a custom copper pipe ✌️
  • The console, despite being much smaller, is fully functional ✅
  • It took him two months to build it and it is not known how much it cost him, but the copper sheets only cost him $240 ⏳

What do you think? I’ve been freaking out, really, and I wish I had such a small and powerful console in my house. Although I admit that I quite like the normal PS5 design.


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