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They criticize Christian Nodal’s reaction for allowing insults to Belinda in full concert

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  • After Christian Nodal’s fans chanted Belinda’s name along with a profanity, the singer was criticized for not stopping the insults

The name of Christian Nodal again causes a stir on social networks due to the unexpected reaction he had at the time his fans insulted Belinda in full concert, for which once again criticism rained down on the singer who is considered one of the most important figures of the Mexican regional genre.

Seven months after the sentimental break between Belinda and Christian Nodal was confirmed, both continue to make headlines because their fans and detractors take advantage of practically any activity they carry out to link them. From the changes in look that both have experienced, the directions that their careers took and of course the new romance that the interpreter of songs like “Adiós Amor” and “Botella tras Botella” has with Cazzu.

However, after his return to the stage as part of his Outlaw Tour that he currently performs in Mexico, Christian Nodal was placed under the spotlight for not stopping the insults to Belinda, causing the fury of social network users.

Everything happened during the palenque of the October Festivities in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where a large part of the attendees chanted the name of the singer along with a rudeness, an action to which Christian Nodal did not give much importance and in addition to smiling, he assured that he did not he could guard the mouths of his followers.

“I told you before, I can’t take care of everyone’s mouth”, he expressed in the recording that he is giving to talk about.

“She can’t take care of mouths but at that moment she can shut her up”, “Of course she can’t take care of everyone’s wedding, but they are at her concert and she should have said that no one was insulted”, “She can’t shut up everyone’s mouth world, but if I were a gentleman I would say please respect”, “But if you ask for respect for the woman you once loved”, “It’s true, but if you can encourage respect for someone who at some point was important in your life”, ” How can you tell that Nodal is still super hurt“,”His disrespect towards his ex-girlfriend has been growing”, were just some opinions of Internet users.

This disrespect arises a few weeks after the singer allowed a man to hurl an insult at Belinda while they both performed the song “La Derrota”, where Nodal did not stop either and only showed a smile and then continued singing.

In this regard, Belinda publicly exposed her opinion of her on the YouTube channel TRENDING NEWS by Monick, where she branded such behaviors as misogynistic.

“Thank you very much for your words, I value them very much, how sad that some people support this type of misogynistic behavior,” the actress also wrote.


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