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They capture Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas in the middle of a romantic date

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The singer Luis Miguel has been romantically related to various women throughout his life, and despite the fact that on many occasions there is no evidence to verify such speculations, this time the Gossip No Like program managed to capture the moment in which the interpreter and businesswoman Paloma Cuevas were eating together in Spain.

“We are here, showing with evidence, facts, images, that Luis Miguel is in romance with Paloma Cuevas,” said Javier Ceriani, host of the broadcast before showing the evidence that would support the information that the same show program released days behind.

“We grabbed them at a wine and tapas bar in the exclusive El Corte Inglés, one of the most glamorous stores there are some bars where they serve premium wines, premium whiskeys and some tapas, Spanish tapas tasting ”, added the owner of Gossip No Like.

Then, Ceriani revealed more details of the place in Spain where the couple was captured. “In Calle Serrano, there is one of the glamorous El Corte Inglés. There, Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas had a romantic wine drink”.

In the photographs published by Chisme No Like, Luis Miguel appears in a white hat, light blue shirt and white pants. On her part, Paloma wears a sober and simple black dress holding a glass of wine.

It should be noted that Luis Miguel appears happy and enjoying the company of Paloma, a fact that has not been seen in the “Sol de México” for a long time.

Paloma Cuevas divorced her husband, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, who was unfaithful to him with a 24-year-old girl, Ana Soria. However, the singer’s new courtship has caused surprise because the Spaniard and the businesswoman are godparents of Miguel Gallego, a son that LuisMi fathered with Aracely Arámbula.


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