Thursday, December 1, 2022
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They Burn More Than a Ton of Seized Marijuana

The National Police thanked the citizens for their help and the support they provide to the institutions.

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In Bello, Antioquia, the authorities burned a seizure of 1,678 kilos of marijuana, which left the residents of the sector terrified when they thought it was a fire.

The commotion of the inhabitants was such that a video about such concern circulates on social networks. Therefore, it was explained that it was not a fire, but that the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Firefighters proceeded to burn this drug. The incident occurred in the Pedro Nel Ospina battalion, while citizens denounced what happened on social networks. Likewise, the authorities thanked the citizens for reporting the criminal acts.

“Once again we show that we are #Relentless Against Crime, this time against crime in Bello. @AlcaldiadeBello @osanperez ”, announced Brigadier Javier Martín Gámez on his official Twitter account. In addition, he said that after receiving information “475 kilos of this substance were seized. The patrols tried to intimidate them a few hours later they managed to reach a building near there. We managed to locate another residence and find 58 more boxes for a total of 1,678 kilos that were seized, ”she specified.

Therefore, Daniela Ortega, Bello’s Secretary of Security, invited citizens “to continue denouncing and believing in the institutions that we are working on every day,” she said. It is then that the residents of the place were confused by what they observed, not knowing that it was an operation controlled by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the discontent of the citizens did not wait. Proof of this was the following tweet:

“Complete negligence. Disk controlled burning. Several apartment towers had to be evacuated because of this little joke @personeriabello @AlcaldiadeBello @GobAntioquia someone must answer for this bad decision, “said an Internet user.

Meanwhile, other citizens also referred to what happened:

“It is a residential area, Bello has grown a lot, you have to think about the citizens. The air has no boundaries”, is another comment from a user of the Twitter social network.

The fire in Bello, Antioquia

In the afternoon hours of this Monday, July 11, the municipal firefighters controlled the fire that had been occurring on the Quitasol hill.

“The Engineer Battalion No. 4 of the #FourthBrigade, together with the @BomberosBello1, provided immediate attention to the fire on the Quitasol hill in this municipality, contributing to the protection of the integrity of the civilian population. #SomosSuEjército”, they reported. Likewise, Mayor Óscar Andrés Pérez Muñoz said: “We make a call so that together we take care of the hill where different species live, it is a protected environmental area and it gives us life.”

The captain of the municipality’s Fire Department indicated: “We receive an alert in the red camera of our municipality, detecting a forest fire on Quitasol hill. We immediately dispatched the fire-fighting units.”

“66 people worked on the site trying to control the fire. It was not possible for us due to the topographical conditions of the hill, in addition to the strong winds”, he pointed out when referring to the days he was in charge of the operation. He pointed out that today they continued with the work at 6 in the morning. “Fortunately, the weather conditions at dawn (changed), the moderate rains in our municipality helped us, and today we canceled the operation.” He stressed that there were no injured personnel and work was done with the Civil Defense, the National Army “and some rangers and with some people from the community.”

“Reports that the thermal camera does not register hot spots on the Quitasol hill. We will be aware of any alert that arises. We thank all the rescue groups that provided their support to attend to this emergency in a timely manner,” they reported through their official Twitter account.


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