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The young woman ‘exploited’ in her work who turned out to have a link with the Mexican National Team

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The model Ornella Scoponi shared a recording on her TikTok account in which she points out that she usually complains that she is exploited at work, however, the security cameras caught her performing a dance for that social network.

In the video published on June 8, the young woman can be seen sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor when, suddenly, she gets up to dance to the rhythm of the song “Efecto” by Bad Bunny.

Ornella wrote about the post: “Me: I work all day, I get exploited. The cameras:” to imply that she was found to be distracted to record videos.

In the comments, many people wrote to ask if she had lost her job, to which the young woman replied that she was still working there, that there was no privacy on the site because of the cameras, and even jokingly said that she had gotten up to exercise. for the back

Days later, on June 11, she made a publication in which she wrote: “the price of a TikTok. When I ask for a raise and they show me the video dancing on camera”, and then sings the excerpt “for your peace of mind, you have me in your hands” from the song ‘Yo te amo’ by Chayanne.

Ornella made another video in which she showed the choreography she performed because several followers asked her: “Well, I didn’t record the result, but since the camera doesn’t intimidate us, we’re going to do it like this again, she danced ‘Efecto’ and even sent a kiss to the camera.

Finally, on July 15, she explained that it was all a joke: “I saw many comments of this type and, to be honest, they were not intense, I did it as a joke, a mockery of myself, of people, many felt identified, So I’m not the only one.”

“Many times you say: ‘I’m in the office all day, working’ and things like that happen. No one caught me, I have not resigned, they have not fired me, everything is fine, I love my job, so relax, it was a joke, it’s a social network, I was having fun, “said the young woman, who is the daughter of former soccer player Norberto Scoponi who is currently a technical assistant for the Mexican soccer team with Gerardo Martino.


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