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The US press was surprised that AMLO can speak for up to 31 minutes

The United States press was surprised after President AMLO in Washington was able to speak for up to 31 minutes.

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The United States press was surprised that President AMLO was able to speak for up to 31 minutes in his meeting with his counterpart, Joe Biden, and the ambassador, Ken Salazar , in Washington DC

This was revealed by Eli Stokols, a White House journalist for the Los Angeles Times, who commented that it was surprising how President AMLO was able to speak for up to 31 minutes in the Oval Office of the United States.

Similarly, the press reporter highlighted that the speech by Joe Biden ‘s counterpart was extraordinary, since in a single moment he spoke about the New Deal, gasoline prices, opportunities for greater collaboration.

It even highlights that President AMLO spoke in the 31 minutes about a situation that is uncomfortable for the United States, which is allowing the passage of people from the United States to Mexico because the price of gasoline is one peso cheaper.

In response, the US press described the US president’s response as bland, since Joe Biden only said that “the US economy leads the world.”

AMLO meets with Joe Biden at the White House

It was this July 12, when President AMLO met with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in Washington .

The foregoing, after the president of Mexico did not attend the Summit of the Americas that took place in the first weeks of June.

At the meeting, President AMLO proposed 5 basic points to cooperate with the United States government, which were:

  1. Guarantee the supply of fuel at the borders so that the United States can continue buying gasoline in Mexico.
  2. Make available to the North American nation more than a thousand kilometers of gas pipelines along the southern border of Mexico to take from Texas to New Mexico, Arizona and California.
  3. Suspend tariffs, regulatory measures and tedious procedures in the trade of food and other goods to reduce the prices of products in both countries.
  4. Start a private and public investment program between both countries to manufacture goods that strengthen both markets.
  5. Organize the migratory flow and allow Mexican and Central American workers, technicians, and professionals with temporary work visas to enter the United States.


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