Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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The suspension of sales of Intel and AMD takes effect: the prices of processors in Russia soar

Intel, AMD and Nvidia have joined the sanctions on Russia. This is how badly the market for components and computers has been affected after these measures.

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Russia has not stopped receiving sanctions from governments and companies internationally. All kinds of industries have joined blockades and suspension of commercial activities in the European country; however, there seems to be one area where the consequences have been immediately felt. A recent report from ExtremeTech confirms that the prices of Intel and AMD processors have skyrocketed in Russia , and the difference is large compared to the international cost.

Last week one of the most important restrictions for exports to Russia took place. Both the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States made the decision to restrict exports to Russia of various electronic components. Among them, “microelectronics, telecommunications items, sensors, navigation equipment, avionics, marine equipment and aircraft components.”

Therefore, companies wishing to export these types of products to Russia will first have to apply for review of their reasons . In addition, these companies must assume a negative response from the beginning of the application. For their part, those that manage to obtain the green light for export to Russia will be those companies that demonstrate “reasonable influence on humanitarian needs, flight security, maritime security and other essential functions,” says ExtremeTech . Of course, CPUs from Intel and AMD are not essential components at this point.

As a result of these restrictions, NVIDIA, AMD and Intel have announced the cessation of exports to Russia until further notice, and it seems that the market is already offering a small preview of how component prices have been affected in the Russian territory.

Intel and AMD sanctions have hit the Russian PC market

According to an investigation carried out by Tom’sHardware , since the cessation of exporting processors to Russia, their prices have seen a significant increase. At best, the increase appears to be 22% ; but this is only in favorable cases. In other components, such as the Intel Core i9-12900K, this percentage seems to rise to 155.28%.

The report from the aforementioned source also includes other electronic devices, such as the 14-inch and 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptops. The latter is the one that has seen a more dramatic increase in price, going from $2,499 in the United States to $8,270 in Russia ; and this without adding the percentage of VAT yet.

Price in Russia (excluding VAT) Price in USA
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G $430 to $1,040 300 dollars
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X $734 600 dollars
Intel Core i5-12400 $261 $210
Intel Core i9-12900K $1,570 $615
Apple MacBook Pro 14 $2,687 to $4,300 $1,999
Apple MacBook Pro 16 $8,270 $2,499


Likewise, the Russian ruble has also seen a rather dramatic drop . Since February, the country’s official currency has seen a 30% decrease in value. This, of course, adds to the penalties and allows for the proliferation of increasingly expensive components and devices; while residents of Russia face considerably less purchasing power.

Of course, these restrictive measures will be imposed until the end of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, seeing the existing shortages that the world faces in terms of electronic components, and the measures that companies such as Apple , Intel, AMD, Nvidia or Microsoft have taken , it is quite likely that the prices of these products will continue to increase in the future . Russian territory .

Likewise, the video game industry has also joined the sanctions against Russia for the interference exercised in Ukrainian territory. This has been followed by others, such as the streaming industry , with Netflix and Disney suspending their productions in the country indefinitely.


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