Sunday, December 4, 2022
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The Shanghai Gigafactory reopens, supplying Tesla to Europe as well

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The past few months the restrictions for COVID they hit it hard China, forcing many companies to close. Among these, the Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai (the company’s largest), which managed to reopen on April 19 thanks to the introduction of the protocollo “closed loop” (closed circuit), already used by Foxconn and which creates a sort of bubble for workers. The problem is that Tesla does not have dorms like the Taiwanese giant and therefore to make the more than 8,000 employees sleep it has distributed mattresses and sleeping bags.

Now that the factory is back to work, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology posted on his official WeChat account that 26,000 vehicles (Model 3 and Model Y) rolled off the production line during this first month. This is only part of the production capacity of the plantwhich settles around an average of 53,000 vehicles per month (with peaks of 71,000), but still gives a signal for the resumption of activities.
A part of these vehicles was embarked on two merchant ships to Europe. According to reports, 4,767 were shipped to Slovenia and 4,027 to Belgium.

For this first month, production has settled at approx 1,000 cars per dayma from 24 May will double to produce 2,600 vehicles per day, in order to meet the target of 16,000 units per week.


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